[Interview] Deconstructing Denim Sizing With Oliver Logan

Everyone loves denim apparel! It looks great, feels fantastic, and never goes out of style, but finding that best-fitting pair of jeans can be one of the most frustrating shopping experiences of your entire life. In this interview, we sit down with leading sustainable denim brand Oliver Logan to discuss why denim sizing can be so difficult for shoppers and how their team tackled these looming issues with WAIR.
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Industry Insights

How Sizing Solutions Sync Perfectly With Buy Now, Pay Later Plans

Everybody wants access to flexible payment options when shopping online. But how can eCommerce apparel brands address the potential issues of overconsumption associated with Buy Now, Pay Later plans?
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Four Sustainable eCommerce Solutions That Will Reduce Your Brand's Impact Today!

Due to shifting consumer sentiment on corporate social responsibility, the days of apparel brands taking a laissez-faire approach to sustainability are decidedly over. Learn how your brand can reduce its impact today with these sustainable eCommerce solutions.
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