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As CADOGAN began experiencing high-volume growth, they realized sizing was one of their shoppers' biggest obstacles to conversion and was a staple reason for returns. Their team wanted to boost shopper confidence in sizing but needed a solution that was both seamless and premium quality to compliment the CADOGAN brand experience.

CADOGAN’s premium menswear has garnered global acclaim for its notorious boldness, exceptional craftsmanship, and individuality in design. Their team’s relentless pursuit of perfection has led them across the globe to discover new fabric mills, leather tanneries, and crafting methods, further improving their lines of statement leather jackets and men’s staples.

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The WAIR Effect

CADOGAN chose WAIR as their all-in-one sizing solution and found that new shoppers were (on average) 15 times more likely to convert if they used the solution during their journey. The boost in shopper confidence gained from WAIR has also helped CADOGAN boost average order value from both new and returning shoppers.

Increase in average order value

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