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Five Sustainable Fashion Brands To Look Out For This Year!

Our list of sustainable fashion brands to have on your radar this year!

Sustainable fashion is one of the biggest shopper trends of 2023. Fast fashion has revealed major shortcomings within existing supply chains, and shoppers now more than ever want to support brands who share their core values with their dollars. But while "sustainably made" and "ethically sourced" are terms commonly used by apparel brands, it has been found that nearly 60% of sustainability claims from brands are actually unsubstantiated and/or misleading.

Worry not, as we've conducted some in-depth research and compiled a list of five brands that all sustainably-minded shoppers should have on their radar this year!

Amour Vert

A model wearing Amour Vert clothing

French for "green love," Amour Vert views sustainability not as a chore but as a labor of love. They began their journey by partnering directly with mills to develop the most ethical and eco-friendly materials available for their diverse clothing lines.

Amour Vert limits its production to small-batch quantities to eliminate excess waste and ensure high production standards. The overwhelming majority of their apparel is produced in California, only miles away from their San Francisco office.

To complete their cycle of sustainability, Amour Vert uses 100% recycled materials for their packaging and keeps pre-owned apparel in circulation through their ReAmour resale marketplace!

P.S. They also plant a tree for every tee that they sell!

Paka (Certified B Corp)

A model wearing Paka sustainable fashion

Paka established its roots in the Andes Mountains, home to one of the most dynamic fibers in the world, alpaca wool. This wondrous material sits at the apex of comfort and sustainability and remains the cornerstone behind the Paka brand.

Paka built its supply chain from the ground up, partnering with local Peruvian farmers and developing a unique shearing process that has been officially adopted by the Peruvian government for its efficiency and minimal stress to each alpaca.

Each Paka product is 100% handmade by a Peruvian seamstress. This, combined with their use of solar panels for the majority of their energy consumption, means that little to no carbon emissions are released during production.

To top it all off, their packaging is also 100% biodegradable and compostable! 

The Classic T-Shirt Company

Two The Classic T-Shirt Company models wearing long sleeve shirts

The Classic T-Shirt Company specializes in men's and women's basics that are anything but basic. Their wardrobe staples symbolize the change we want to see in the world when it comes to the apparel industry.

Each shirt is handcrafted in California using 100% organic cotton sourced from premium spinning mills. Using organic cotton not only protects farmers and our planet's water table from harmful pesticides but also enhances the longevity of each product produced. To ensure that the dying process remains environmentally friendly, The Classic T-Shirt Company only uses azo-free chemicals for its dying process.

Ethical working conditions are another factor that The Classic T-Shirt Company has prioritized since its inception. To guarantee fair wages, reasonable working hours, and exceptional working conditions, The Classic T-Shirt Company partnered with a leading garment production factory located in California, where the entirety of their shirts are produced.

With the plethora of environmentally harmful basics circulating the market, The Classic T-Shirt Company stands as a shining example of what men's and women's basics can and should be.

Tentree (Certified B Corp)

A Tentree sustainable fashion model wearing a black shirt and sitting on a bench

Tentree made it its goal from inception to empower the everyday shopper to make a positive change with a single click. As their name suggests, they will plant ten trees for every piece of sustainable apparel they sell and have planted nearly 68 million trees to date!

But their journey doesn't stop there. Tentree continues to innovate when it comes to sustainable materials using only natural fibers and recycled polyester as the building blocks for their clothing lines.

Tentree's manufacturing standards are equally as stringent; the factories they have partnered with are regularly audited to ensure ethical labor rights are upheld and that workers are treated with the utmost dignity.

One amazing fact we also thought was worth sharing is that their sweatshirts use (on average) 75% less water than other available options, which is simply incredible.

Kotn (Certified B Corp)

Teo model wearing Kotn sustainable fashion

Looking to add premium-quality basics to your wardrobe at little to no cost to the planet? Kotn uses only the finest Egyptian cotton for its timelessly designed men's and women's basics.

The cotton used in their apparel is locally sourced from family-run Egyptian and Portuguese farms to ensure quality as well as ethical working conditions. As many farms lack the knowledge and/or resources to go fully organic, Kotn has also devoted its time to helping farmers both within and outside their networks pursue organic certifications. 

What's even more amazing, however, is Kotn's ABCs Project, which provides girls and boys across the Nile Delta with much-needed educational opportunities. To this date, Kotn has funded and built numerous primary schools, which have been integral in providing every child in their farming communities with a safe, convenient, and quality education.

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