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“We integrated WAIR in days and it only required 1-2 hours of my team’s time.”
-Jason Richardson, CEO Bad Birdie
A male employee reviewing size recommendation and body data collected by WAIR
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WAIR is a size, fit, and product recommendation tool that gives your shoppers the confidence to purchase their best-fitting products.
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Track WAIR Impact
Performance reporting baselined against your industry. Learn which products need the most sizing help for customers.
WAIR's insights dashboard
Product-Level Detail
Body shapes of customers bought, didn’t buy, or returned are tracked for every product.
WAIR's product insights dashboard
Full Story on Orders
Returned or bad review? Knowing their body dimensions is the needed context to turn a bad experience fit into a good one.
WAIR's order insights dashboard

Data that drives business success

Harness the power of body data

WAIR is the only size recommendation solution that conjoins shopper journey data with their unique body dimensions. We account for geolocation, marketing campaign attribution, return rates, keep rates, review data, everything your brand needs to build a complete view of each unique shopper.
WAIR size recommendation solution in action

Reveal optimization opportunities through sizing

We are much more than a size recommendation tool. Our shopper insights reveal optimization opportunities across all business units, enabling your brand to succeed with sizeless commerce.

Two female clothing designers measuring a mannequin for their sizing strategy

Product Designers

WAIR helps designers take a more deliberate approach to their craft. Our insights provide absolute clarity on the body types of your diverse shopper base, empowering your designers to tailor products on a per-category basis.
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Two executives reviewing shopper insights

Inventory Managers

WAIR's body data insights help inventory managers align their ordering practices around the unique dimensions of their shoppers. Unlock the potential that comes with knowing who your shoppers truly are.
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A room of customer support agents responding to shopper inquiries about sizing

Customer Support

Our services wouldn't be complete without accounting for the post-purchase experience. WAIR's order lookup feature assists your customer service team in streamlining size guidance and returns processing, reducing the average time spent on sizing tickets.
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The state of sizing in fashion apparel

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