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The Costs of Size Confusion, and How it Affects Your Customer Support Team

What could your customer support team accomplish if they didn’t have to worry about size guidance?

Did you know that 70% of shoppers will spend more money with a brand that has excellent customer support? While most brands tend to emphasize attracting and converting new shoppers, the post-purchase experience is equally, if not more important. After all, retaining a loyal shopper base is much more fiscally sound than relying on continuously attracting new site visitors.

In the case of apparel eCommerce, excellent customer support is an absolute must. Shoppers frequently encounter issues surrounding sizing and fit, product defects, and shipping mishaps and expect to be taken care of when these issues arise. But while excellent customer support has become a requirement, it can be difficult for teams to deliver an A1 experience every time as the number of tickets on sizing and fit alone can be overwhelming.

Fortunately, there are solutions available that will significantly free up your customer support team's time, empowering them to focus on maintaining a consistent and loyal shopper base.

The Impact of Size Confusion on Your Customer Support Team

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There are a plethora of reasons why shoppers would contact your customer support team for assistance. However, one of the most prominent (yet easily addressable) issues shoppers face during their journey is finding their best-fitting sizes. Due to inconsistencies in sizing between brands, industry reliance on outdated size charts, and low shopper confidence surrounding measurement capture, online shoppers crave clarity on how a garment will fit them before purchase, especially for high-ticket items. This leads to an influx of support tickets with questions such as, "what's my size?" or "what if I prefer a looser fit?" etc.

Sizing and fit have an equally impactful presence during the post-purchase experience, most notably in the case of returns. Contextualizing returns is a critical part of the post-purchase process for your customer support team, but processing times for each return can be significant and require shoppers to divulge sensitive information which they may or may not be willing to share. It can also be considerably tricky for customer support representatives to recycle the shopper's return into another purchase as the shopper's confidence in the brand's sizing strategy has already been shaken.

Earlier, we claimed that sizing was one of the most prominent yet easily addressable issues facing customer support teams. For those of you who have developed size charts yourselves, we understand your skepticism surrounding this claim, but with modern eCommerce solutions like WAIR, leveraging the power of one's sizing strategy has never been easier.

Streamline Customer Support Guidance and Save Time With WAIR

WAIR's customer support dashboard

WAIR has gained a reputation within the world of apparel eCommerce for our ability to deliver seamless and data-backed size recommendations to millions of shoppers across the globe. But our brand partners know first-hand how our solution has been designed from the ground up to have applications across other business units such as inventory management, product design, and (of course) customer support.

Because WAIR captures body and journey data from every site visitor who uses our sizing solution, we can deliver brands the insights needed to streamline and personalize the post-purchase experience. These insights extend to customer support teams through our order insights dashboard, which conjoins each order with information on:

  • The product that the shopper purchased.
  • The size recommended and ordered.
  • The shopper's unique body dimensions.
  • And a 3D avatar representing the shopper's body shape

This dashboard eliminates the need for customer support representatives to pry for potentially sensitive data and significantly streamlines the returns process as all the information needed to contextualize the order is at their fingertips with the click of a button.

WAIR also makes it significantly easier to recycle the shopper's return into another purchase, as the customer support team will spend less time trying to contextualize the return and more time referring them to other products that will suit the shopper's needs. In addition, the shopper's apprehension about ordering another product from the brand will be significantly lower, as their confidence in receiving a product that fits and flatters is boosted exponentially by WAIR.

Your Team’s Time is Valuable. Don’t Waste it On a Problem That Has Already Been Solved

Time is one of your most valuable assets, no matter what industry you operate within or what product you sell. No sense in wasting it trying to guide shoppers through an issue that modern technology has already solved. Give your customer support team the tools needed to reduce size-related inquiries and streamline guidance with WAIR!

Are you ready to unlock your brand's full potential with WAIR? Schedule a demo here, and be sure to follow us on Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn, and Facebook for all your fashion content needs!

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