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WAIR provides millions of size and fit recommendations per month and is trusted by brands of all types. If you make a product made to fit the human body, WAIR is here to help your shoppers purchase their best fit.

As a company positioned at the leading edge of fashion innovation, Ministry of Supply knew a modern sizing solution was needed for their eCommerce site. They chose WAIR because our solutions are rooted in the world's largest and fastest-growing database of 3D body scans, providing a sizing experience not found anywhere else.‍

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WAIR and Legends began discussions in Q3, 2020, as Legends began experiencing high volume growth. While Legends believed in WAIR as a company and a solution, they focused their next several months on other priorities. The belief was that the implementation process would take too much of their team’s time and that other roadmap initiatives were of higher priority.

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As a brand with a truly size-inclusive product line, Nomads offers a plethora of sizes and cuts to its core shopper base. Their team quickly found, however, that shoppers would regularly consult customer support for size guidance rather than trusting their size charts. Nomads needed a way to both reduce support tickets on sizing and streamline shopper size guidance to save time.

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Bad Birdie leads the next golfing generation to shed new light on an old game. Once polluted with a negative stigma, preconceived notions, and rigid traditions, golf is changing, and Bad Birdie stands at the forefront of this movement.‍

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As a quickly growing D2C brand that grounded its growth in data and analytics, Rhone needed an eCommerce sizing and fit solution that did more than simply recommend sizes. They needed an all-in-one solution that would provide valuable data and analytics to help them understand their shoppers better.

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