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Vineyard Vines

As an industry-leading brand with a vast global audience, Vineyard Vines wanted to deliver a seamless and personalized sizing experience to their shoppers. However, this proved challenging as most modern sizing solutions referenced other brands or required shoppers to take pictures of themselves to receive a size recommendation.

Vineyard Vines was founded on the principles of chasing one’s dreams, doing what you love, and living the good life! Over the past two decades, co-founders and brothers Shep and Ian Murray cultivated a premium lifestyle brand that took the apparel industry by storm, empowering people from all walks of life to bring the good life with them through the clothes they wear daily.

Tech Stack:

The WAIR Effect

After introducing their shoppers to the sizeless commerce experience, Vineyard Vines saw a 31% increase in new shopper conversion rates and a 17% increase in AOV! The body data provided by WAIR has also been vital in further refining their sizing strategy.

Increase in new shopper conversion rates

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