Industry Insights

The Impact Of Plugins On Website Performance and SEO Ranking

Plugins have made curating the on-site experience a simple endeavor for eCommerce brands. However, this convenience can potentially come at a cost.
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Updates and News

WAIR Capitalizes On the Post-Purchase Experience With Inline Reviews

Shopper feedback is a critical source of information for eCommerce brands looking to bolster brand equity and optimize the on-site experience. Learn how WAIR's inline reviews feature capitalizes on the post-purchase experience while keeping shoppers focused on their journey toward conversion.
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[Interview] Optimized Onboarding Q&A w/ Troy Stringer, Customer Success Manager At WAIR

In this interview, we welcome Troy Stringer, Customer Success Manager At WAIR, as he shares with us how his team has optimized the onboarding process prior to Q4 2022.
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