Eliminate shopper
size confusion

WAIR is a fit, product, and size recommendation tool that gives your shoppers the confidence to purchase their best-fitting clothing online.
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A woman happily unboxing clothing bought using a size recommendation
A clothing size review from a happy customerA clothing size review from a happy customerA clothing size review from a happy customer

Eliminate Shopper
Size Confusion

Less fit friction,
more delighted shoppers

Meet the solution designed from the ground up to match shoppers with their best-fitting products. WAIR brings the sizeless commerce experience to your eCommerce site, boosting shopper confidence in sizing with only a few clicks.
Average Increase
in Conversions
Average decrease in size related returns
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Streamline sizing.
Save your team time

What could your team accomplish if they didn't have to worry about size guidance? WAIR's size recommendations reduce time spent on support tickets, but wait; there's more.
Free up more time for your marketers to focus on acquiring new shoppers and building brand loyalty.
Product Design
Design teams should be focused on next season’s styles, not building a size chart for each garment. Start designing for the bodies that buy.
Customer Success
Over 75% of customer support tickets for apparel brands are about sizing; make size communication quick, easy, and effective.

The world's most accurate body prediction algorithm

Continuous data feedback loops with massive amounts of data and information provide a unique size recommendation for each shopper and product.
Shoppers receiving the best-fitting clothing size with WAIR

A sizing experience tailored for all body types

Owning the world's largest database of human body scans falls flat if you can't do anything with it. WAIR built its algorithm by asking each person we scanned to answer the same questions we now ask your shoppers. When paired with review data, product size specs, and fit preferences, we can offer a best-in-class size recommendation to your shoppers.
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Everything your brand
needs to succeed

Seamless and personalized size recommendations are just the beginning of our value add.
Going Global
WAIR empowers brands to transcend international sizing barriers. Measurement units, language, and geo-targeting are not foreign to us.
Targeted Marketing by Body Type
Effortlessly target new and existing shoppers with the specific product and size availabilities that match their body dimensions.
Boost Customer Service Capabilities
Provide your customer service team with the insights needed to reduce time spent on size related support tickets.
Product Insights
Identifying products with sizing issues has never been easier. Leverage WAIR's dashboard to improve sizing health and refine future product strategies.
Inventory Optimization
Knowing the body dimensions of your shoppers makes inventory forecasting a simple task, say goodbye to size surplus.
Return Insights
Contextualize the shopper’s journey through in-depth return and review data. What would discovering the true reason for a return do for your business?
Going Global
Targeted Marketing by Body Type
Boost Customer Service Capabilities
Product Insights
Inventory Optimization
Return Insights