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WAIR Continues to Crack the eCommerce Sizing Code

WAIR's solutions provide a lifeline to brands struggling to crack the eCommerce sizing code for intimates and swimwear.

For decades, the apparel industry has relied on antiquated and ineffective sizing methods to "help" shoppers find their best-fitting products. Some of the product categories most affected by eCommerce sizing and fit issues are intimates and swimwear due to the complexity of the human form combined with a low probability of resale. For brands specializing in these product categories, returns have been a perpetual inconvenience, leading to lost revenue, shopper dissatisfaction, and dilution of sustainable efforts.

While most modern sizing solutions have struggled to crack the eCommerce sizing code around these garments, WAIR's newest sizing algorithm has made significant progress toward achieving what was once thought to be unachievable.

A Breakthrough For eCommerce Sizing

With the development of WAIR version 4.0., our team has retrained our body prediction IP to deliver personalized and precise size recommendations on specific body proportions such as bust and cup size. WAIR achieved this feat by conjoining swaths of shopper feedback data with our exclusive body scan data from over 3 million users across the globe. Combining these sources has proven invaluable in refining WAIR's sizing algorithm for specialty garments such as sports bras, intimates, and swimwear, each notorious for high return rates.

What Makes WAIR's Approach Unique

WAIR is the only modern sizing solution backed by the world's largest and fastest-growing database of 3D body scans. We use this exclusive data to align shoppers with a scan that best matches their unique dimensions, a process that analyzes and captures over 200 different body measurements. The comprehensiveness of WAIR's sizing solutions enables us to capture body dimensions that would be unattainable through other methods while providing shoppers with unparalleled sizing accuracy at scale. 

Continuing the Fight Toward Sizeless Commerce

Innovation is a continuous process, and our work is never truly over. Our relentless pursuit of perfection has led WAIR to partner with leading brands like SHEFIT and Nomads Swimwear to refine sizing strategies and provide shoppers with their best-fitting products. As WAIR continues to work with prominent brands in these product categories, our database of body data will continue to expand, heightening the precision and seamlessness of our size recommendations and pioneering the future of sizeless commerce.

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