WAIR eCommerce sizing widget redesign on desktop and mobile

WAIR Simplifies Size Selection For eCommerce Shoppers With Redesigned Widget

New Year, New Style! Meet Our Redesigned Sizing Widget!

Since WAIR's inception, our team's goal has been to help eCommerce shoppers find their best-fitting products while curating a personalized shopping experience that drives loyalty and conversions. We took a step closer to achieving this goal with the recent redesign of our sizing widget! 

With this widget refresh, our product team sought to sharpen shopper focus on completing their purchase, provide additional transparency into WAIR's sizing process, and empower brands to curate an all-in-one eCommerce experience!

Let's take a look into how #sizelesscommerce just got a serious boost. 

What's New for 2023?

Emphasizing the product image to captivate shopper attention

Wair's redesigned ecommerce sizing widget

Our redesigned widget emphasizes the image of the product the shopper is receiving sizing for to keep their eyes on the prize and improve their chances of completing their purchase.

Alternative sizing options have been removed to improve clarity

Providing a "next-best fit" was our team's way of delivering recommendations for shoppers who prefer an unconventional fit. With the release of our refreshed widget, we have removed this recommendation to reduce confusion and bolster shopper confidence in their recommended size.

Added whitespace for the inclusion of 3rd party apps

A video showcasing WAIR's new sizing app

While our team is immensely proud of our sizing solution, it's 2023, and we realize sharing is caring, so we added more whitespace to the widget for the inclusion of third-party apps! We can't wait to see how our brand partners leverage this change to create more immersive eCommerce experiences via sizing.

100% transparency on WAIR's sizing process

A video showing how WAIR's widget has been redesigned for eCommerce shoppers

Our brand partners already know how our sizing process works, and now their shoppers will too! During the body prediction process, our widget will display the major data points that our algorithm analyzes to ensure the best-fitting size is recommended. Our team made this change to bolster shopper confidence in their recommendation while providing much-needed transparency in how WAIR leverages their body data. 

Why Millions of eCommerce Shoppers Trust WAIR With Sizing

WAIR is the only sizing solution backed by the world's largest and fastest-growing database of 3D body scans captured from real shoppers across the globe. With this extensive database at our disposal, WAIR curates sizing experiences that are not only exceedingly accurate but also personalized to the degree that traditional sizing methods could never achieve at scale. 

Interested in learning more about WAIR? Schedule a demo here, and be sure to follow us on Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn, and Facebook for all your fashion content needs!

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