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Women in Tech Share Their Valentine's Day Must Haves

Valentine's Day is on the horizon, fellas. If you're one of the millions of guys across the globe wondering what to get that special gal in your life, don't worry. These women in tech have got you covered.

If you're struggling to think outside the realm of roses and chocolate, you're in luck. We've polled some of our favorite women in tech to get the scoop on what they recommend for a never-disappoint Valentine's Day gift. 

These gals have a pulse on all the best products and brands, so this list easily applies to women across sectors. Shop with confidence! 

Claire Larson Growth Strategist at TryNow

MISA Ahreana Dress

"MISA Los Angeles has a wonderful variety of styles and patterns of dresses, making it the perfect gift for someone looking to add to their winter or spring wardrobe. I'm really loving their Ahreana Dress -- the color is so versatile for any season, and the fact that they offer a Try Before You Buy option makes it so easy to try multiple sizes to be sure you find the perfect fit!"

- Claire Larson (Try Now)

Amy Elgin Growth Strategist at TryNow

Naadam Cashmere Turtleneck Dress

"I received this Naadam dress as a gift last year, and it has become a staple of my winter wardrobe. It is incredibly soft and keeps you super warm. It can be dressed up or down, so I love packing it when I travel."

- Amy Elgin (Try Now)

Enrika Sinkeviciute Revenue Operations TryNow

Cuyana Silk Slip Dress 

"This dress is a game-changer in my wardrobe. I got it in color "mushroom," and it truly has proven a staple all year long. The material is buttery soft and breathable in the summer, and it's perfect with a sweater on top for colder days. This dress truly just makes you FEEL GOOD."

- Enrika Sinkeviciute (Try Now)

Tina Donati Content Marketing at Alloy

SAMARA mini fanny pack 

"I own this fanny pack myself, and it's super cute and easy to style. It's perfect for anyone who's outgoing but doesn't want to carry a full bag with them (I love carrying my cards in it for things like hikes, conferences, dinners, etc.). I also love the incredible story behind the SAMARA brand!"

- Tina Donati (Alloy) 

Lyndsay Donhoff Founder of ThoughtfulGPT

LUNYA Silk High-Rise Pant Set 

"This set helps me channel effortless elegance since I can easily go from lounging around in bed to heading out for a nice dinner without having to change my outfit. I get compliments any time I wear them with cute boots and a sweater, and people are always surprised to hear that they are pajama pants!" 

- Lyndsay Donhoff (ThoughtfulGPT)

Alexa Richardson Head of Brand at Triple Whale

Little Words Project Bracelet 

"Little Words makes the most delightful custom bracelets - they're so perfect for gifting! You can customize the word/phrase that's on the bracelet for your loved one or BFF, as well as choose a bracelet in their favorite color. They're super personalized, mega-affordable, and the sweetest way to show how much you know & love someone for the Valentine's holiday!"

- Alexa Richardson (Triple Whale)

Alix Filarski Director of Marketing at FedEx Dataworks

Kuhl Baby Jett

"Whether you're a mom yourself or know a new mom in your life, one must-have product sure to make anyone fall in love is bamboo clothing. With a thicker fabric quality than competitors and over $10 cheaper, I can't recommend the Jett style by Kuhl Baby enough. It's the perfect transitional sleep or lounge style for little ones everywhere." 

- Alix Filarski (FedEx Dataworks)

Deborah Hopkins Director of Marketing at InCartUpsell

Uncommon James Simple Beauty Necklace

"One of my favorite accessories is a Medallion Necklace by Kristin Cavallari's company, Uncommon James. I wear it on a gold choker-style chain all of the time. I love to support female-owned businesses on Shopify, and at the price point of this jewelry collection, it is such an easy decision."

- Debbie Mecca (InCartUpsell)

Meghan McMahon Strategic Partnerships at PowerDigital

Nordstrom Moonlight Eco Pajamas

"These pajamas have entirely changed my sleeping game. They feel incredibly luxurious and buttery on the skin but are also lightweight and breathable so that you won't overheat at night! On top of it all, the set is just so cute & comfortable - I have it in 3 colors (the pink checkered pattern would be AMAZING for Valentine's Day)!"

- Meghan McMahon (Power Digital)

Yulia Vereshagina Director of Marketing at Treet
tentree Packable Puffer

"For the woman who loves to travel and cares about sustainability, a tentree packable puffer is a must-have. It's warm and lightweight, uses planet-friendly materials, and packs easily in the smallest of suitcases, so it's perfect for the girl on the go! Best of all, you can get it brand new, for less, on its Treet-powered resale site!"

- Yulia Vereshagina (Treet)

Natalie Wires PR Director at WAIR

ADAY Up in the Air Jacket

"I'm always on the hunt for items that are comfortable yet polished. That's why all winter long, you can find me wearing Aday's Up in the Air jacket. It's warm, comfortable, and perfect for travel. A women-owned business, their philosophy of fewer, more sustainably, and beautifully designed clothes fits right into my ethos for how I want to shop."

- Natalie Wires (WAIR)

Dani Braun Director of Marketing at WAIR

SHEFIT Flex Sports Bra

"Whether she's into yoga, hiking, or playing a sport, this sports bra is an absolute must. It's adjustable on the band and the shoulders making it a perfect fit for any body shape and size. Now I know you may be thinking, "I don't know her size," well, SHEFIT has you covered. From utilizing WAIR to having a customer support member there to help you select the correct size, shop for this sports bra with confidence!"

- Dani Braun (WAIR)

Whether you're buying for your partner, friend, daughter, or sister, we hope this list helps in your journey to make that special woman in your life feel loved this Valentine's Day!

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