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Your 2022 Black Friday / Cyber Monday Marketing Checklist [by Hawke Media]

As the 2022 peak shopping season draws near, ensuring your brand's marketing strategy is up to par will be of paramount importance.

Don't let the continuous flow of pessimistic news headlines surrounding eCommerce fool you. Your shoppers are looking to buy this peak season, and are highly motivated to check off their holiday shopping lists as early as possible, i.e., Black Friday / Cyber Monday. As these monumentous sales dates inch ever so nearer, solidifying your brand's marketing strategy before customer acquisition costs go (even more) through the roof is of paramount importance. 

But before you start panicking due to the fact that it's nearly November, take a step back, and breathe. We've got you covered. Our partner Hawke Media, an industry-leading, full-service marketing agency providing marketing solutions for brands like RedBull and Alibaba, has recently devised a BFCM marketing checklist to help steer your brand on the path to peak season success!

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About Hawke Media

Hawke Media was founded on the idea that every modern business needs a CMO-level expert to lead its digital marketing efforts. That's why they create customized, performance-driven solutions around your unique business, helping you to launch, scale, and invigorate your brand. Bringing you the resources of a full-service agency with the attention of an in-house team, Hawke Media is shifting the marketing paradigm by putting client success ahead of their own. If you’re interested in a free marketing consultation, reach out to their team HERE!

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