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Everything your brand needs to win with size and fit

WAIR is a sizing, fit, and product recommendation solution designed from the ground up for apparel brands. Our proprietary sizing algorithm, built atop the world's largest and fastest-growing database of 3D body scans, empowers WAIR to deliver a precise and personalized sizing experience that helps shoppers find their best-fitting sizes, every time.
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Increased Conversions
Shoppers who use WAIR for sizing convert 28% more than those who use size charts
Reduced Returns
Brands powered by WAIR see an average 21% decrease in size-related return rates
Boosted AOV
70% of online shoppers claim they would purchase more if sizing were determined for them

The entire sizing toolkit you need to drive success

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Eliminate size confusion with point-of-sale size and fit recommendations
WAIR's insights dashboard
Track key performance metrics and analyze product sizing health
WAIR's product insights dashboard
Seamlessly link shopper body data with their order and returns information

More than just a sizing tool

Brand-specific sizing algorithm
Return insights
Boost customer service capabilities
Product-level insights
Inventory optimization
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