Going Green Never Felt So Good

Thank you for attending “Progress Over Perfection” 2023! It was an absolute privilege to meet each of you and discuss the ways we can cultivate a more sustainable and equitable future for fashion. If you'd like to read a brief recap from the event, use the link below!
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Quick Tips

Three Ways Your Brand Can Become More Sustinable

Reduce the Likelihood of Returns

To say that the fashion industry has a sizing problem is a vast understatement. But while this issue is relatively well-known, what isn't well-known is how sizing inconsistencies can wreak havoc on the environment through excess textile waste driven by size sampling. Leveraging a modern sizing solution like WAIR can not only reduce the likelihood of size-related returns but will also deliver the body data insights needed to optimize all areas of your business.

Embrace Branded Resale

Not only are secondhand sales growing at a rate poised to overtake fast fashion, but it's also an exceedingly straightforward sustainable venture thanks to Treet, which help brands establish their own branded resale experiences. From P2P marketplaces to trade-in programs, Treet provides a comprehensive resale experience that bridges the gap between sustainability and profitability.

Make Shipping More Sustainable

As vital as logistics are to any eCommerce business, global shipping spews out 3% of all greenhouse gases. Reducing one's impact in this area was previously thought impossible, yet, sustainable shipping solution, Route, has taken on this problem with stellar results. With 1M+ carbon neutral shipments and 25k tonnes of CO2 removed annually, Route has proven even the most harmful aspects of eCommerce can be addressed to benefit of the planet.

How WAIR Helps Shape Success via Sustainability

Brands boosted by WAIR experience:
Reduction in Sample Requirements
Reduction in Size-Related Returns
Better-Fitting Products

What Top Sustainable Fashion Brands Are Saying About WAIR

You're in good company. We've driven sustainable success for the industry's top brands!
"Our return rate has dropped drastically since we implemented WAIR. Cannot say enough good things about the WAIR Team and their app!"
“Our team couldn’t have asked for a more comprehensive and seamless sizing solution for our e-commerce site.”
"Providing the accurate size recommendations our shoppers are looking for was critical for our business."