Case Study

Rhone Case Study

Rhone wanted more insight into the bodies of their shoppers to optimize inventory and improve current and future designs. WAIR was an easy decision for them as our solution is based on a database of over 3 million actual human bodies.
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Step Into Sizeless Commerce

Embracing Change to Inspire Growth w/ Juan Lopez Salaberry of Innerforce

Can radical vulnerability work in startup culture? In this episode of WAIR Chats, we sit down with Juan Lopez Salaberry, Founder and CEO of Innerforce, to discuss how he went from working in venture capital to founding a sports apparel brand and why he believes radical honesty breeds customer loyalty.
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The SaaS Scoop

Uncovering What Makes Your Brand Special w/ Arjun Jolly of adQuadrant

How does the foundation of your brand compliment your marketing strategy? In this episode of WAIR Chats, we sit down with Arjun Jolly, Co-Founder and COO of adQuadrant, to discuss the importance of a well-defined brand experience, breaking out of established comfort zones, and what he predicts is on the horizon for eCommerce.
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