Case Study

Rhone Case Study

Rhone wanted more insight into the bodies of their shoppers to optimize inventory and improve current and future designs. WAIR was an easy decision for them as our solution is based on a database of over 3 million actual human bodies.
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The SaaS Scoop

Building, Running, and Exiting a Startup w/ Jeremiah Prummer of KnoCommerce

Today we’re joined by Jeremiah Prummer, Co-founder and CEO of KnoCommerce, as we dive under the hood of the realities of starting a SaaS company. We chat about how to determine your pricing structure, what needs to happen to build a compelling exit strategy, and the challenges of convincing customers to fully optimize product use to get the most value.
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The SaaS Scoop

Building a Customer-Focused Content Strategy w/ Alexa Kilroy of Triple Whale

Today we’re joined by Alexa Kilroy, Head of Brand at Triple Whale. In this advice-oriented episode, we chat about how she went from being a high school English teacher to being head of brand for an ecommerce AI data platform, how to crowdsource customer feedback for product development, and why good SaaS marketing means becoming a student of your customer.
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