Building, Running, and Exiting a Startup w/ Jeremiah Prummer of KnoCommerce

Jeremiah Prummer has entrepreneurship in his blood. As a kid, he watched his parents start and build a successful health food store. Naturally, starting and running a business is something he always knew he would do. Fast forward and Jeremiah has been involved with numerous startups and has seen it all – the highs, the lows, and  the lessons learned along the way. His current venture, KnoCommerce, was acquired by WeCommerce last year, which led to Jeremiah transitioning from a founder role to that of a CEO.    

Listen in as we dive under the hood of the realities of starting a SaaS company. We chat about: 

  • How to determine your pricing structure and what VCs are really looking for from their investment companies 
  • What needs to happen to build a compelling exit strategy for your business 
  • The challenges of convincing customers to fully optimize product use to get the most value
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