(The Story of a Brand) WAIR - Blazing a Path to Sizeless Commerce

"One of the biggest challenges with apparel-based eCommerce is that shoppers can't try products on. But then brands have a whole slew of reverse logistics issues because shoppers are likely going to try something on and then return it, try something on and return, right? For example, 35 percent of abandoned carts are linked to sizing. Returns are in the 50-plus percentages based on size and fit-related reasons, and something like 82 percent of all inbound chat requests are for size and fit. It's a tremendous problem across the board."

Today we interview Greg Moore, Founder & CEO of WAIR. WAIR is inventing Sizeless Commerce and has developed a product and size recommendation solution where they predict the body dimensions of the shoppers and align them with a custom recommendation algorithm built for each product.

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The Story of a Brand