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[Interview] Optimized Onboarding Q&A w/ Troy Stringer, Customer Success Manager At WAIR

In this interview, we welcome Troy Stringer, Customer Success Manager At WAIR, as he shares with us how his team has optimized the onboarding process prior to Q4 2022.

Integrating a new feature or function onto one's eCommerce site can be a potentially daunting process, especially during the crucial months before the peak shopping season. With numerous other action items always on the agenda, each more critical in importance than the last, devoting the time and resources required to integrate new customer-facing assets often seems like a futile task. 

That said, not every integration requires one's team to drop everything and leave existing projects dead in the water. In fact, what if we told you that WAIR recently onboarded one of its newest brand partners in less than 48 hours while requiring minimum effort from their team? Join us for a quick Q&A session with Troy Stringer, Customer Success Manager @ WAIR and CRM guru, on how WAIR has optimized its onboarding process to get leading apparel brands ready for Q4.   

WAIR: Let's start by going into what WAIR's onboarding process entails. How much work is required on the brand's end, and how has WAIR optimized the experience in recent weeks?

Troy Stringer: All our onboardings begin with a kickoff call where each brand gets introduced to their Customer Success Manager, who acts as a primary resource throughout their onboarding experience. On this quick 45-minute call, the brand's CSM will guide them through all the required steps to complete both technical and sizing integration, as well as answer any and all questions or concerns. For the technical integration, we've simplified the process so that brands only need to install three scripts which are conveniently provided via the WAIR dashboard. For the sizing integration, all brands need to do is share the required product sizing information, and then through a series of proprietary steps, our team will do the heavy lifting to get product-specific recommendations mapped accordingly.

WAIR: There's been an influx of eCommerce apparel brands looking to integrate modern sizing solutions prior to the peak shopping season. How has the onboarding process been for your team thus far?

Troy Stringer: Recent onboardings have been great! While most brands are wrapping up within 1-2 weeks, one of our newer brand partners onboarded within 48 hours of signing their contract, which was incredible for us to see. In preparation for the upcoming peak season, our product team has also been hard at work, and we've added multiple new features to the onboarding process to help automate and expedite technical integration. On the technical side, we've designed onboarding to be very simple and straightforward, usually consisting of only three steps that can be completed autonomously if preferred by the brand. On the sizing side, our team has been doing all the heavy lifting and analysis to ensure our brand partners can focus on other essential tasks prior to peak season.

WAIR: With the imminent launch of the WAIR Shopify app, can brands expect onboarding times to be reduced even further?

Troy Stringer: WAIR's Shopify app has been meticulously designed to automate technical integration down to a simple app install. This will eliminate the need to get development staff involved in the process, saving the brand both time and resources while expediting the onboarding process. With less time spent on technical integration, WAIR and the brand can focus entirely on what matters most: sizing integration and recommendation health.

WAIR: As WAIR continues to scale its operations and onboarding becomes less hands-on, how does your team ensure customers of all sizes are still being taken care of?

Troy Stringer: All WAIR customers, regardless of size, will continue to be assigned their own Customer Success Manager who will deliver the personalized onboarding experience we know our customers love. All it takes is a simple email or chat, and we're here to assist 100% of the way. Whether you're one of our smaller brands like Coastal Crew or NBT Clothing, or an industry giant like Vineyard Vines or Rhone, WAIR provides equal levels of service to ensure your journey into sizeless commerce is a success!

WAIR: To those who remain apprehensive about onboarding prior to the peak shopping season, what would you say to reassure them?

Troy Stringer: Our team has really gone above and beyond when it comes to taking the work off our brand partners' shoulders and delivering the sizeless commerce experience to their shoppers in days, not weeks. The combination of our recent improvements in automation and our rock-solid support team makes integrating WAIR as a peak season performance booster an easy choice. 

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