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Baja Llama

The last thing Baja Llama's globetrotting shoppers want to do is waste time wrestling with a measuring tape to find their best-fitting sizes. As such, Baja Llama partnered with WAIR to provide their site visitors with personalized and precise size recommendations at scale.

Baja Llama was born from the desire to create stylish and functional clothing for the masters of misadventure, one's who embrace the unknown, are consumed by adventure, and reject the concept of boring.

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The WAIR Effect

Since integrating WAIR onto its eCommerce website, Baja Llama has seen a 14% increase in average order value and a 34% increase in conversion rates from first-time shoppers. The body data insights captured by WAIR have also proved vital in helping their team shape Baja Llama's eCommerce strategy around the bodies of its shoppers.

Increase in average order value

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