Blackballed Golf

As a brand with a strong eCommerce presence and a growing shopper base, Blackballed Golf knew sizing was one of the most prevalent friction points within the shopper's journey. WAIR helped their team eliminate sizing friction and enhance the shopper experience with sizeless commerce.

A group of athletic men holding golf clubs and wearing apparel from Blackballed Golf, purchased using WAIR for sizing
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A muscular man standing on a golf course holding a golf clubA country club member sitting in a locker room next to his golf clubs

Blackballed Golf is a premium golf apparel brand established to break down the barriers to entry and promote inclusivity and diversity in the sport.

The WAIR Effect

Shortly after integrating WAIR onto their eCommerce site, Blackballed Golf saw a whopping 50% increase in average order value from new and returning shoppers! Their shoppers have remained enamored with the solution as 27% of orders now rely on WAIR for sizing.

Increase in average order value

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