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While Boathouse has a storied history with universities and clubs, they only recently entered the retail eCommerce space and needed a sizing solution that was more precise than a size chart. WAIR's access to the world's largest and fastest-growing database of 3D body scans proved vital in delivering seamless and accurate size recommendations to their shoppers

Founded by Olympic rower John Strotbeck, Boathouse was established to produce American Made, hand-crafted outerwear authentically rooted in sport and geared toward everyday life. Their commitments to domestic production and sustainability have made Boathouse a leading name in ethical activewear.

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The WAIR Effect

Boathouse saw a 16% increase in conversion rates almost immediately after integrating WAIR onto their eCommerce site. A significant portion of their shopper base has expressed their love for the solution, with over 40% of orders now placed using WAIR for sizing!

Increase in conversion rates

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