Cotes of London

As Cotes of London began experiencing high-volume growth, their team wanted to introduce a modern sizing solution to their shoppers to drive conversions and reduce size-related returns. WAIR helped their team achieve these goals while capturing the valuable body data needed to optimize other business units.

A young brunette woman sitting at a small table wearing a Cotes of London jacket purchased using WAIR for sizing
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A fashionable young brunette woman walking down a street in a black dress and down jacketA fashionable young blonde woman walking down a street in a black dress and tan down jacket

Born to complement the adventurous lifestyles of women everywhere, Cotes of London is a revered provider of sustainably-made outerwear and wardrobe staples that combine timeless elegance with ironclad functionality.

The WAIR Effect

Within only 90 days of installing WAIR onto their eCommerce site, Cotes of London saw a 23% overall increase in conversion rates. As their shoppers continue to use WAIR to find their best-fitting sizes, Cotes of London continues to gather valuable insights that will help shape their eCommerce strategy.

Increase in conversion rates

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