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Dunning Golf

Dunning’s business model was primarily wholesale, but as the pandemic hit and shopper purchasing habits changed, they saw a significant surge in eCommerce activity. It did not take long for Dunning to realize the overwhelming amount of returns they received were size-related. Their team knew a seamless sizing solution was necessary to quell these size-related woes and drive further conversions.

Unimpressed with the complacent nature of the golf industry, Dunning was established in 2001 to create better golf apparel. Dunning achieved this by consistently improving and refining its product design process while emphasizing the player every step of the way. To this day, Dunning’s prioritization of fit, playability, and performance has led them to become a leading name in high-quality golf apparel.

Tech Stack:

The WAIR Effect

Dunning integrated WAIR to improve size communication and boost shopper confidence. In Q1 2022, Dunning saw that new site visitors were 121% more likely to convert when they use WAIR rather than a size chart! The percentage of orders relying on WAIR for sizing has also reached over 31% as their shopper base has become enamored with the seamless and precise sizing process WAIR delivers.

More likely to convert with WAIR

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