As a sustainably-minded brand with a rapidly growing audience, HNLY wanted to ensure every site visitor had access to the tools they needed to pick their best-fitting sizes on the first try. Intrigued by the concept of sizeless commerce, they worked with WAIR to boost shopper confidence in sizing through personalized and accurate size recommendations.

A stylish man sitting on stairs staring into the horizon and wearing an HNLY LA henley, purchased using WAIR for sizing
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A stylish man sitting on outdoor steps and staring at something in the distanceA stylish middle-aged woman standing on a deck and wearing a white henley

HNLY LA is a producer of small-batch, premium men's shirts that deliver the versatility and attention to detail needed to suit any occasion.

The WAIR Effect

After working with WAIR to improve size communication for first-time shoppers, HNLY LA saw a 38% increase in new shopper conversion rates! With WAIR acting as a core component in its sustainability stack, HNLY can continue to enjoy increased conversions without a corresponding increase in environmentally-harmful returns.

Increase in new shopper conversion rates

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