Holderness & Bourne

As a brand that highly emphasizes customer success, Holderness & Bourne wanted to ensure their shoppers had the tools to order their best-fitting sizes. They also found a surprising number of support tickets were related to sizing and fit and wanted to reduce the number of inquiries to free their support team's time.

A male golfer walking down a golf course wearing clothing from Holderness & Bourne, one of WAIR's brand partners
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A male golfer hitting a drive off the tee boxA happy male golfer walking off a tee box holding a driver

Holderness & Bourne is a premium lifestyle brand that combines a distinctive, golf-inspired take on classic style with a modern approach to fit, fabric, and versatility. They offer a range of men's apparel and accessories designed to be comfortable and stylish both on and off the course.

The WAIR Effect

Holderness & Bourne chose WAIR to help eliminate shopper size confusion at the point of sale and reduce the number of support tickets related to sizing and fit. Not only has WAIR proved vital in achieving these goals, but the resulting boost in shopper confidence has also resulted in an 11% increase in conversion rates from new and existing shoppers!

Increase in conversion rates

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