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With the growing popularity of their men’s shorts and pants, Linksoul saw a corresponding increase in size-based returns. Their existing size guidance for shoppers was size charts and model dimensions, but returns remained higher than desired. Reducing returns became a top priority.

Linksoul hails from a long line of golfers, craftsmen, and artists. As such, they create clothing with the renaissance man in mind. Their team of lifelong friends and visionaries holds an unwavering sense of corporate social responsibility, putting community, family, and friendship first, as well as mandatory golf on Fridays...

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The WAIR Effect

“We needed something that provided frictionless and accurate size recommendations that kept shoppers focused on our brand. WAIR Fit Advisor checked all three boxes and we rely on it to communicate the best fitting size to our shoppers.” - McGregor Button, VP Marketing @ Linksoul

Reduction in product returns

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