As a brand with a vast and diverse product line, Maaji wanted to ensure their shoppers could find their best-fitting sizes to reduce bracketing and size sampling. WAIR's foundations in AI and 3D body data helped their team eliminate size confusion from the shopper journey.

A smiling young brunette woman standing by a pool wearing swimwear from Maaji, one of WAIR's brand partners
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Founded in Columbia and adored by women across the globe, Maaji is a summer lifestyle brand that captures the fiery spirit of beach life while holding an unwavering commitment to sustainability.

The WAIR Effect

A mere two months after integrating WAIR, Maaji saw a 23% boost in conversion rates from first-time shoppers. The high influx of traffic through WAIR has also proven invaluable in reducing size-related return rates and refining Maaji's eCommerce strategy.

Increase in new shopper conversion rates

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