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Madda Fella

Since their eCommerce debut, Madda Fella knew sizing was a major friction point in the shopper's journey. Their team wanted to help shoppers find their best-fitting products while keeping their focus on completing their path to conversion. WAIR proved to be the perfect solution to their problem.

Madda Fella was founded on the idea that everybody needs clothing that plays as hard as they do. With colors influenced by the rich palette of Key West and quality fabrics designed to be rugged yet comfortable, Madda Fella makes sure no matter what you're doing, you look good doing it.

Tech Stack:

The WAIR Effect

Soon after launching WAIR, Madda Fella's shoppers became enamored with sizeless commerce. Not only are 33% of all online orders using WAIR for sizing, but shoppers who use WAIR also have an average 4.5% higher AOV and are 22% more likely to convert!

Increase in average order value

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