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Ministry of Supply

As a company positioned at the leading edge of fashion innovation, Ministry of Supply knew a modern sizing solution was needed for their eCommerce site. They chose WAIR because our solutions are rooted in the world's largest and fastest-growing database of 3D body scans, providing a sizing experience not found anywhere else.‍

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Ministry of Supply is a market-leading men's and women's work-leisure clothing brand whose products are shaped by science and engineered with groundbreaking materials. With humble beginnings as a performance business wear company, Ministry of Supply has become a sophisticated and innovative collection of the finest work-leisure wardrobe staples built to work for your body.

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The WAIR Effect

Naturally, Ministry of Supply's shoppers eagerly flocked to WAIR's solution once it went live on their eCommerce site. The response from their shoppers was so great Ministry of Supply saw an 11.1% increase in new shopper conversion rates and a 29% increase in AOV!

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