As a brand positioned at the forefront of women's luxury fashion, Misook wanted a premium sizing experience to complement its premium products. While many solutions were considered for their eCommerce store, WAIR's unique foundations in AI and 3D body data made it the obvious choice.

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A brand with a rich and storied history in women's fashion dating back to 1985, Misook provides elegant and sophisticated designs for women who refuse to compromise between style and comfort. Their emphasis on timeless silhouettes, elegant details, and sophisticated color palettes have earned Misook a loyal following from women worldwide.‍

The WAIR Effect

After integrating WAIR onto its eCommerce store, Misook saw an 11.5% increase in AOV and a 25% increase in conversion rates from shoppers who used WAIR for size guidance! The body data insights gathered via WAIR have also proven invaluable in helping Misook shape its eCommerce strategy around the bodies of its shoppers.

Increase in average order value

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