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As a brand whose ethos is deeply rooted in sustainability, NoNetz needed a solution to address defensive shopping behaviors like bracketing and size sampling which cause irreversible damage to the environment. They partnered with WAIR to provide clear size guidance to their shoppers and unlock a more sustainable business model.

From humble beginnings as a simple project between neighbors, NoNetz has significantly impacted the men's swimwear industry by combining eye-catching designs with wonderfully comfortable materials. A brand that believes sustainable comfort is the key to relaxing, having fun, and adventuring at your best, NoNetz uses post-consumer content in their fabrics as well as offsetting their carbon impact through reforestation and ocean plastic prevention.

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The WAIR Effect

With sizeless commerce, NoNetz boosted conversion rates from new shoppers by 23% and effectively eliminated size confusion from the shopper journey! As their site visitors continue to use WAIR to order their best-fitting sizes, NoNetz can rest knowing their uptick in conversions is coming at little cost to the planet.

Increase in new shopper conversion rates

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