One Bone

As a brand whose core offerings are tailored for men who fall outside the normal sizing range, ONE BONE wanted to gain further insights into the body dimensions of their shoppers while simultaneously reducing sizing friction. WAIR's foundations in AI and 3D body data were exactly what their team needed.‍

A photo of three men standing in a parking lot wearing One Bone shirts purchased using WAIR for sizing
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A large man wearing a black long-sleeve and sweatpantsA large man wearing a dark hoodie in a snowy landscape

The idea for ONE BONE was to solve a problem. The problem was that being bigger, it was impossible to find clothing that fit and was trendy. After countless hours of garment research, drawing out concepts, and producing shirts in a small basement, ONE BONE has become a household name with big and tall men everywhere.

The WAIR Effect

With 40% of all orders processed through WAIR and a significant reduction in size-related inquiries, it's safe to say ONE BONE's shoppers love sizeless commerce!

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