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Outdoor Vitals

Outdoor Vitals knew that sizing played a pivotal role in the functionality of one's nature-ready gear and had integrated a sizing solution to help their shoppers find their best-fitting products. Unfortunately, the solution chosen was burdensome on upkeep, and its accuracy did not improve as their customers used it, which led Outdoor Vitals to search for an alternative.

Outdoor Vitals focuses on designing premium ultralight products that are comfortable, multi-functional, and adventure-ready! Their high standards of quality and versatility keep customers from buying multiple items or replacing gear too often.

Tech Stack:

The WAIR Effect

After partnering with WAIR, Outdoor Vitals has seen a 31% increase in conversion rates from new and existing shoppers! As their site visitors continue to use WAIR to order their best-fitting sizes, WAIR's support team handles most of the upkeep while the solution itself continues to grow more accurate through the continuous influx of body data.

Increase in conversion rates

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