As a leading name in sustainable apparel, Paka knew that sizing issues were a major contributor to environmentally-damaging returns. As the 2021 peak season grew closer, their team realized the need for a sizing solution that would boost shopper confidence in size while simultaneously reducing their peak season return rates.

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Born from the Andes Mountains, Paka works with nature to create wardrobe staples that are earth-friendly, exceptionally durable, and wonderfully comfortable. Their sustainable efforts have earned them the distinguished title of B Corp, an accolade reserved only for brands that meet the highest standards of accountability and transparency.

The WAIR Effect

Paka integrated WAIR as their all-in-one eCommerce sizing solution to tackle the 2021 peak shopping season. Soon after the integration, their shopper base became enamored with the sizeless commerce experience, with 43% of all orders using WAIR for size guidance. The resulting boost in shopper confidence not only reduced Paka's return rates but also led to a 22% increase in the likelihood of conversion from shoppers who use WAIR over a size chart.

Of orders rely on WAIR for size guidance

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