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As denim products are some of the most difficult to get sizing right on, Radian knew a modern sizing tool was needed to help their shoppers find their best-fitting products on the first try. They partnered with WAIR to bring the sizeless commerce experience to their shoppers via personalized and data-driven size recommendations.

A happy, stylish woman walking down a sidewalk wearing denim from Radian, one of WAIR's brand partners
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Unimpressed with the overabundance of tiny and fake pockets in contemporary women's jeans, Radian set out in 2018 to redefine this wardrobe staple for women everywhere. Hand-crafted with the active woman in mind, Radian jeans are elegantly designed while ensuring optimal fit, function, and comfort.

The WAIR Effect

Since launching WAIR on their eCommerce site, Radian has seen a 22% increase in new shopper conversion rates! Additionally, over 50% of all Radian orders rely on WAIR to find their best-fitting pair. Needless to say, Radian's journey into the world of sizeless commerce has been incredibly successful.

Increase in new shopper conversion rates

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