Not long after making their eCommerce debut, Scorpi realized that the root cause for the majority of their returns was sizing. As their ideal customer profile is medical professionals who spend long hours every day wearing their scrubs, Scorpi wanted to ensure their shoppers were obtaining the best fit possible to lessen their stresses at work.

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Scorpi is a maker of high-quality medical scrubs and nursing uniforms that feature an unmatched combination of comfort, durability, and style. Their use of the finest recycled materials and a circular approach to textile waste have made Scorpi a leading name in sustainable workwear.

The WAIR Effect

Scorpi integrated WAIR as a pivotal step in their efforts to minimize returns and deliver their shoppers the best-fitting products. Upon integration, customer engagement rates with WAIR have been strong, with 44% of all orders being processed through the solution. Scorpi continues to collect valuable body data from WAIR each day, which has been essential in tailoring their eCommerce strategy around the bodies of their shoppers.

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