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Tailored Athlete

Tailored Athlete knew the body types of their shoppers often fell outside the "normal" population range and wanted a seamless sizing tool to help them through their journey. WAIR provided their shoppers with the personalized size recommendations needed to order their best-fitting products on the first try.

Founded in 2016 by Harry Simonis on the philosophy that an athletic physique should not prevent anyone from dressing well, Tailored Athlete set out to redefine men's lifestyle wear, providing athletes across the globe with a "true muscle fit."

Tech Stack:
Triple Whale

The WAIR Effect

Integrating WAIR helped break down the sizing barrier to conversion for Tailored Athlete's new and returning shoppers. Less than 90 days after implementation, Tailored Athlete saw a 21% increase in conversion rates and the body data captured via WAIR has been vital in shaping their eCommerce strategy around the bodies of their shoppers.

Increase in conversion rates

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