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TAYLRD Clothing

With numeric-sized pants being their core product, TAYLRD Clothing knew size-related return rates were likely to be high if shoppers were left to rely on size charts and fit guides. They implemented WAIR to keep return rates low and focus their efforts on other initiatives.

TAYLRD Clothing has gained international acclaim for its wardrobe staples that accentuate the body, lifestyle, and budget of men everywhere. A company at the forefront of fashion innovation, TAYLRD continues to add curated combinations of high-end fabrics from all over the world to ensure maximum comfort without sacrificing style.

Tech Stack:
Triple Whale

The WAIR Effect

TAYLRD Clothing experienced a 41% increase in new shopper conversion rates after integrating WAIR onto its eCommerce site. Shopper engagement with the solution has remained strong, with 25% of all orders using WAIR for fit guidance.

Increase in new shopper conversion rates

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