Teddy Stratford

As a growing brand with a unique fit, Teddy Stratford wanted to ensure their shoppers had the tools needed to order their best-fitting products. WAIR's data-backed sizing solutions proved invaluable in achieving this goal.

A young male nomad standing on a deck next to a boat and wearing a shirt by Teddy Stratford, one of WAIR's brand partners
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A stylish man walking across a glass bridgeA muscular man wearing a pink shirt by Teddy Stratford

Teddy Stratford's Zip Fit shirts combine both style and a wholly unique fit, not seen anywhere else in the fashion industry.

The WAIR Effect

By eliminating the guesswork surrounding sizing and fit, Teddy Stratford boosted new shopper conversion rates by 15%. With 42% of all orders using WAIR for size guidance, it's safe to say their shoppers love sizeless commerce!

Increase in conversion rates

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