The Kindred Studio

As a brand whose core product offerings are tailored toward a vast and diverse shopper base, The Kindred Studio wanted a sizing solution that was seamless, accurate and didn't rely on other brands for reference. WAIR ticked each of those boxes perfectly.

A mother and her two children wearing matching clothing by The Kindred Studio, one of WAIR's brand partners
The Kindred Studio logo
A mother and her two children smiling next to a Christmas treeA smiling mother and her child wearing matching floral dresses

The Kindred Studio was founded on strong principles surrounding social justice and family ties. These values are present within their ethical and fashionable offerings, all manufactured in Canada and fulfilled by their exceptional studio staff. Guided by our core values, The Kindred Studio continues to provide beautiful, high-quality clothing for you and your littles.

The WAIR Effect

After introducing their growing shopper base to sizeless commerce by WAIR, The Kindred Studio increased new shopper conversion rates by 22%. As their shoppers regain their confidence in sizing, average order value from new and returning shoppers has also soared by 23%.

Increase in average order value

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